"Crist J. Clark" wrote:
> > This came up in the first place because it's a cross-envrionment
> > issue that needs resolving.  The "workaround" exists because the
> > workaround cops out on the cross-environment part of the process
> > and spits out the warnming, instead.
> An 'installworld' doesn't even come close to working in a cross
> environment for a whole variety of reasons, so I don't see the
> relevance.
> The situation this question comes up is typically 5-CURRENT builds on
> 4-STABLE systems, not in cross-archetecture builds.

Since this is the recommended upgrade path for going from 4.x
to 5.x right now, it's an issue, if you can't cross-build 5.x
on 4.x.

That other things are broken doesn't really excuse this being

The problem is that the kldxref deserves to get its own tools
build, so that there is a version that works against 5.x code
that can be built on 4.x (or NetBSD or Linux or Solaris or

-- Terry

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