Quite the thread from hell... ;^)...

Peter Wemm wrote:
> Using buildkernel/installkernel is your biggest mistake.  It is no secret
> what I think of those two targets.

I have to agree with this.  They are attempts to idiot-proof
something that can't be idiot-proofed, because idiots are so
cunning.  8-).

The real problem here is that these targets are such monsters
that they really can't be cross-targets.  The doc stuff is
particularly nasty, viben that there are maybe 19 sets of
packages that have to be sucked down and installed to make
it work, because they aren't part of the default system, and
they aren't in the source repository.  When the FTP.freebsd.org
blew up a while back, the only place you could get the tools
the the proper versions was a combination of a site in England,
a sunsite site, and two personal directories that lived on a
machine in Japan.

> > Yes, it is a kludge. Comments?
> The patch is better than nothing, but do not include this part:

[ ... leave the '-' ignore on the kldxref ... ]

> It should not be a kill-the-build event if the optional tool fails.

You could almost make this same argument about ldconfig,
which _is_ necessary for a running system.  Unfortunately,
what was supposed to be a cache is now an authoritative
location for putting the data, so the tolls build for the
cross can fail because of library incompatability between
versions, when doing a cross-version build.  8-(.

I really think these "hints" things need to be considered
_as_ hints, rather than as authoritative; see the recent
long scree on the tags cache in CVS for another example of
assumed authority resulting in wrong answers...

-- Terry

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