fenner> Anyway, that was really a long way of saying: should this be
fenner> documented somewhere?  Like, prominently in the mailq man page?

I'll add something to the man page.  I've also updated

fenner> And, addressing the initial failure itself: apparently I need to add
fenner> O ResolverOptions=WorkAroundBrokenAAAA and my masquerading options
fenner> to submit.cf;

Actually only WordAroundBrokenAAAA should be put there if the local machine
has a broken nameserver in /etc/resolv.conf.  If the broken nameserver
isn't in resolv.conf, only the MTA should need this option (if it is
communicating with other broken nameservers on the net).

Masquerading shouldn't need to be in submit.mc either -- the MTA should do
any masquerading.  The only catch here is for people who may be using
limited masquerading and not masquerading the fully qualified hostname of
submitted mail.

fenner> are there any plans to add per-host submit.mc handling (i.e. a
fenner> SENDMAIL_MC equivalent) to /etc/mail/Makefile?

Yes, I'm working on something.

fenner> Is there any general advice on what MC stuff goes where at this
fenner> point (e.g. does the masquerading stuff only go in submit.cf, or
fenner> should it also be in sendmail.cf, etc.)

There is some advice in src/contrib/sendmail/src/SECURITY and
src/contrib/sendmail/cf/README (installed to /usr/shared/sendmail/cf/).

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