Do you own a Harley?  Do the Mosh Pit?  You definitely like riding the edge of 

-current is always in a state of flux...  I say you lucked out...

FreeBSD is killer stuff, but, I personally wouldn't risk a job on the odds of getting 
a stable -current when I needed one...

Chris Knight wrote:

> Howdy,
> I'd just like to thank the FreeBSD team for an outstanding job.
> I've got a FreeBSD-current system in production running an Intranet that has
> just exceeded one year's uptime. Admittedly, the snapshot I built was
> 30/10/2000, but it does go to show that current can indeed be used for
> production systems. The system only ever had one reboot and that was when
> the installation was migrated to a new box.
> For those that are interested, the Intranet uses Apache, PHP, Firebird and
> OpenLDAP for various Web-based management applications/tasks.
> Again, thanks to everyone responsible for providing a reliable and
> dependable distribution, even when it's considered unstable and for
> development purposes only.
> Regards,
> Chris Knight
> Systems Administrator
> AIMS Independent Computer Professionals
> Tel: +61 3 6334 6664  Fax: +61 3 6331 7032  Mob: +61 419 528 795
> Web:

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