I would have lucked out if it wasn't reliable :-)
If you do all the right things, such as follow the commit logs and test,
test, test, you can get a snapshot of current that will prove reliable for a
certain number of tasks. It had three months of testing before going into
production, so I didn't get any rude shocks, nor was I risking my job.
Everyone was aware of the potential for instability and the fallback was to
run the apps on a 4.x release or stable. I needed proof by example that
FreeBSD development code was just as capable - if not more - as commercial
OS releases. I have that well and truly now :-)
I liked riding the edge of insanity years ago. I've fallen over the edge
since then :-)

Chris Knight
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> Do you own a Harley?  Do the Mosh Pit?  You definitely like
> riding the edge of insanity...
> -current is always in a state of flux...  I say you lucked out...
> FreeBSD is killer stuff, but, I personally wouldn't risk a
> job on the odds of getting a stable -current when I needed one...
> Chris Knight wrote:
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