On 11-Apr-2002 Doug Barton wrote:
>       I downloaded the ISO and did a CD boot and install. Everything
> went smoothly overall. I didn't wipe out the old stuff, I just installed
> over it. After booting, I went to clean out any old binaries that were
> laying around, and noticed that the CD install didn't replace any of my
> binaries that are schg. So far no ill effects, my last -current build was
> 3/10 so I'm not that far out of synch. However, that would be a pretty
> big problem for someone who chose to install over a 4.x system.
>       So far, the only other oddity I've noticed is that when I added
> the src distribution, all of the files were set 444. The directories have
> 755 permissions.
>       While I'm doing a review, I should add that one of the menus in
> sysinstall really bugs me... "Do you have a non-USB mouse connected to the
> system?" which defaults to No. Something is wrong with that picture. :)

It should default to Yes maybe.  The thing is that USB mice are automagically
handled by usbd and don't need configuring, only non-USB mice need handling. 
Jordan tried to fix the wording and instead broke the question horribly.  (I
think it may still be broken in stable.)  Basically, if the user has a USB
mouse they don't need to do anything, but if they have a non-USB mice, they
need to run the moused setup.  You could change the question to be something
like "Do you have a serial or PS/2 mouse connected...?" maybe.


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