I have downloaded 5.0DP1-alpha

I'm attempting to install on an DEC alphaServer 2100a

During initial boot from the CD the machine appears to hang with screen

All the initialisation seems to be fine until just after the SCSI interface

I get the waiting 15 seconds for SCSI devices to settle.
Then a list of the disk interfaces.
da0 to da5
(there are six discs)

Then immediately after the last device check (da5) I get screen corruption.
The screen corruption is different each time and seems to have no familiar
pattern to it.

So I removed all but one of the disks to see if it was the disk check itself
that was causing problems.
With only a single drive in place I get the same failure after da0.

Looking at a recent Dmesg from my i386 box it would appear the next thing
after the disk interface check is mounting of the root partition.

I would assume this root partition mount point is on the CD and it is
failing on this. Am I correct in this assumption?

If anyone wants more info on this then let me know what you require and I
will do my best to provide it.

If anyone wants to give me any hints or tips as to what I can do next then
please do. I have a few things I'm going to try as soon as I get time but
would welcome any others as my BSD experience is in my opinion very limited.


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