Rasmus Skaarup wrote:
> 2) When logged in as root, and su'd to a non-root user, I cannot ssh to a
> 4.5-STABLE machine.. It just hangs. But when logged in as non-root, it
> works fine. Is this somekind of security feature? :-)

Pretty much.  The user it attempts to log you in as is still
"root", because that's still your identity, even if it's not
your current credential.  But your current credential does
not have access to the files for the remote system which are
necessary for your identity (~root/.ssh).

Ideally, identity would be handled by a "session manager",
which was created at login time, which would maintain its
priviledges to these resources.

You might want to try using "su -" instead of "su", in
order to actually *become* the other person.

-- Terry

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