Rasmus Skaarup wrote:
> On Sat, 13 Apr 2002, Terry Lambert wrote:
> > Rasmus Skaarup wrote:
> > > 2) When logged in as root, and su'd to a non-root user, I cannot ssh to a
> > > 4.5-STABLE machine.. It just hangs. But when logged in as non-root, it
> > > works fine. Is this somekind of security feature? :-)
> >
> > Pretty much.  The user it attempts to log you in as is still
> > "root", because that's still your identity, even if it's not
> > your current credential.
> [...]
> > You might want to try using "su -" instead of "su", in
> > order to actually *become* the other person.
> I am.

You might try "ssh user@machinename" instead of "ssh machinename".

You might also try logging in as someone other than "root" (;^)).

Finally, you might want to remove ~root/.ssh, and let it be
recreated... it could just be a version thing.

Realize that, no matter what, if you are being identified as
"root", then you will not be able to get access to ~root/.ssh's
contents if you give up your "root"-ness.

So that means you need to figure out how it's deciding you are

-- Terry

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