On Fri, Apr 12, 2002 at 05:46:29PM -0500, Patrick Hartling wrote:
> I suffered a system crash earlier today running -current from April 10. 
>  I have a Vinum volume set up as a mirror, and during the reboot, I had 
> to fsck it.  Everything seemed normal (at least that's what I thought), 
> but now my volume cannot be mounted.  The output from 'vinum list' is as 
> follows:
> 2 drives:
> D a                     State: up       /dev/da3s1e     A: 0/12288 MB (0%)
> D b                     State: up       /dev/da4s1e     A: 0/12288 MB (0%)
> 1 volumes:
> V mirror                State: down     Plexes:       2 Size:         11 GB
> 2 plexes:
> P mirror.p0           C State: faulty   Subdisks:     1 Size:         11 GB
> P mirror.p1           C State: faulty   Subdisks:     1 Size:         11 GB
> 2 subdisks:
> S mirror.p0.s0          State: crashed  D: a            Size:         11 GB
> S mirror.p1.s0          State: crashed  D: b            Size:         11 GB
> The fact that it says the drives have 0% used greatly concerns me. 
> Before I delve into this any further, is that a sign that everything I 
> had is just gone?  Or is there some hope of recovery?  There is nothing 
> in /var/log/vinum_hitsory or /var/log/messages that gives me any insight 
> into what went wrong.

You have *both* plexes faulty which means that you either have waited
too long running with only one disk left or that both failed a once.
For the second point can be channel or power supply issues if they
share a single resource in common.
You will find it out by reading your log files.
Of course you should fix the failure reason before doing anything else.

I have made a bad expirience once in that if you revive one plex
now you will get zeros written because there is no reference plex left.
Greg: It's long ago but I forgot to tell you.
      Do you remember anything about such a bug got fixed?

The shure way is to store the vinum printconfig output and then
remove both plexes.
finaly reconfigure them both beginning using the values from printconfig
and start with the drive which run at last, because it has the most
recent data.

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