On 15 Apr, Giorgos Keramidas wrote:

>> > I updated to -current today and am now getting these errors
>> >
>> > ad0: READ command timeout tag=1 serv=1 - resetting
>> > ata0: resetting devices .. ad0: invalidating queued requests
>> > done
>> Turn off tagged queing. S?ren knows about this error and tries to
>> reproduce it (but fails as far as I know).
> I've seen this quite a few times, but I can't reliably reproduce it
> yet.  It seems to hit me a lot when the ad0 drive spins like crazy
> doing stuff that is heavy on disk I/O.  Disabling tag queueing now to
> see if this fixes things.  But even if it does, I think I should
> enable it again and help S?ren track this down, if I can.

There are a lot of people which want to help him...

First I got it only once (as you in a heavy disk I/O situation). After
another new world I got it at every boot...

Some people see this after the "mega" MFC on -stable too.


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