The DRM kernel modules (kernel support for 3d hardware acceleration
through the DRI) may be integrated into our sys tree soon.  I may be
getting a commit bit soon to work on this.  I think getting the modules
in the sys tree will help keep the DRI supported on FreeBSD even if I
become less active, and will help users by keeping the modules up to
date with their kernels.  It may also act as an incentive to keep me
working on the DRI when my patches may go in sooner.

So, I have been working over the last few days on integrating the
modules from drm-kmod-0.9.5 into the sys tree again, and have it almost
done.  The files are up at the website
<>. This also includes my
current set of code for mesa4 (XFree86 CVS, DRI CVS) and TCL (DRI CVS
tcl-0-0-1-branch) compatible DRM modules if anyone is interested in
experimenting, though they are much less tested.  For now instructions
on using it are on the news page of that website.

Could people test this in-kernel DRM and tell me how it works for them?

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