On Fri, 2002-04-26 at 01:03, moto kawasaki wrote:
> Thank you very much,  Mr. Eric Anholt,
> I have been testing your code on my PC, and found that kernel cannot
> initialize agpgart device so far.

The i8x0 DRM drivers require AGP to be working.  I took a look at your
i830 patch today, and compared it to the linux kernel version.  I added
some more checks for invalid options (binding memory into offsets used
by the stolen memory), and added the enabling of the gatt that linux
does.  The only difference that I see between our drivers after this
diff is that linux forces enabling of the integrated graphics.

The diff is at http://gladstone.uoregon.edu/~eanholt/dri/i810diff

If we aren't sure how well the driver is working, testgart might help
for debugging without using X.  A copy of linux testgart from utah-glx
is at http://gladstone.uoregon.edu/~eanholt/dri/testgart.c

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