Not really on any topic at all, so please ignore this message if you've got
better things to do, but I just wanted to express my admiration of the
hard-working developers and contributers of the FreeBSD project.

I've mentioned my annoying workstation of weirdness (the one with the
tricked up vinum volume on an ATA raid controller, among other fun things :)
before, and it's been giving me USB problems running -stable, so a couple of
weeks ago I decided to live on the edge and give current a try on it.  After
I finished the installworld, the first thing I noticed upon bootup was:

Preloaded elf module "acpi.ko" at 0xc04960a8
acpi0: <SUPERM SUPERTBL> on motherboard
acpi_cpu0: <CPU> on acpi0
acpi_cpu1: <CPU> on acpi1

WTF?!  I knew that ACPI on SMP systems was written in to the spec, but I've
never EVER seen it actually WORK before.  Even though Win2k claims to
support it, it would always install using the standard MPS HAL and crap out
(i.e. become a totally unusable brick needing reinstall) if I tried to
manually select the ACPI one.  Simply amazing!

On top of the neato feature of being able to do a graceful shutdown by
hitting the power button, now it actually turns itself off upon a
shutdown -p, which I've also never seen work on an SMP system.  I only very
rarely turn this machine off anyway, but it's still very cool.

My USB modem is working perfectly now, too.  I had to (as usual) manually
put device umodem in the kernel config, since usbd doesn't seem to know
about it.  Even if the usbd.conf file is fixed, it gets attached as a ugen
before usbd can run and never re-attached as umodem, which is why I haven't
submitted a patch for it.  But at least it's working again :)

My only trouble so far has been mount_smbfs panicking the machine when
connecting to certain servers (but not others, weird).  I'm compiling a
debug kernel now and will attempt to get a good backtrace to post.

Anyway, sorry for rambling and taking up everybody's time, but I'm just
ecstatic that a "development" and "unstable" branch is working so well.
I've been running on it for over two weeks without major incident (except
for smbfs, for which the doctor says, "well don't do that!").  Guess I
should be careful when I cvsup, huh? :)

Oh, yeah.  devfs rocks!


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