Bill Fenner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Part of the commit log for rev 1.32 of pam_unix.c says:
>   - remove dummy functions since OpenPAM handles missing service
>     functions
> However, OpenPAM is noisy about handling missing service functions:
> Apr 17 11:21:31 stash login: in openpam_dispatch(): no 
> Apr 17 21:18:33 stash login: in openpam_dispatch(): no 
> so perhaps the stubs should go back, or OpenPAM should learn to be less
> noisy about the missing functions?

Actually, the bug is in the PAM configuration files that list pam_unix
as a "session" module while pam_unix doesn't provide session
management services.  PAM is correct in whining about that.  The
solution is to remove lines like this from /etc/pam.d/*:

session         required

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