It seems [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> This won't help people using similair drives (in one of my machines)
> that I am using, I have the same problem in current that I have in
> It times out and drops to PIO4 mode after a few min.  I dropped
> "atacontrol mode 0 pio4 none" (I only have the 1 drive on the chain)
> before the fsck check in /etc/rc to avoid the timeouts and boot
> normally). I'm sure there is probably a better way to do it, but I'm
> lazy :)
> Anyways, it’s a maxtor drive, I can send someone the drive info if that
> will help.  I don't have the problem though on my Western Digital ata100
> drive in another machine.

The problem you describe here has nothing todo with tags, as
Maxtor doesn't support that.
For me to help you here I need alot more info, a dmesg from the
system would be a nice start...


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