Kyle Butt said:

>To upgrade from 4.x-stable to current


>reboot in single user [3]
>Did you do this? IIRC, Sig 12 is unimplemented syscall, which would occur
>when userland and the kernel are out of sync.

I don't recall seeing this in any of the docs, nor has anyone else (to my
knowledge) brought it up on the lists before, so I thought it was a local
problem, but it's happened to me a couple times when jumping from -stable
to -current.

It seems after I do the installkernel and reboot to go to single user mode
(like I always do with source upgrades), loader(8) still tries to load the
/kernel left over from -stable instead of the new one that I just installed.
I'm guessing that maybe loader(8) is installed as part of the installworld,
and hence the -stable loader is still there and defaults to /kernel instead
of /boot/kernel/kernel.

A simple sequence of interrupting the loader and typing:
unload kernel
load /boot/kernel/kernel
(load any applicable modules if you need them)
boot -s

Does the trick.  After the installworld everything seems to work fine.
Might this be the problem here?  If so, perhaps it should be documented
somewhere (yes I am volunteering, if somebody has any pointers for who to
send the patch to :)


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