On 24-Apr-2002 Christian Flügel wrote:
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> Subject: Re: upgrade from 4.5 to current fails
>> On Tue, Apr 23, 2002 at 11:55:37PM +0200, Christian Flügel wrote:
>> > Hello Folks.
>> >
>> > I currently try to upgrade from 4.5 STABLE to CURRENT.
>> >
>> > I have cvsuped my source and already made buildworld and buildkernel.
>> >
>> > But installworld failed with Signal 12 while installing chpass.
>> You're attempting to upgrade incorrectly.  Follow the directions
>> _precisely_ and this won't happen.
> If this would work I'd gladly follow the procedure described in updating.
> make buildworld: works ok.
> make buildkernel: works ok.
> copy GENERIC.hints to /boot/device.hints: works ok.
> make installkernel: stops with error: "kldxref not found"

This is a bug in installkernel.  Bug Peter Wemm [EMAIL PROTECTED] to fix it
since he broke it. :)  Or find somone else who groks the src/Makefile.inc1
stuff.  The real fix is harder and involves fixing the kernel build so that
modules stop being a hack and all .ko's are built in the same directory and
then kldxref is run at build time as a build tool.  I guess the other hack
would be to change the makefiles back to ignoring failures from kldxref
for now until the bigger problem is fixed.


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