> I'm actually still not seeing a match between what's in  truss, and what's
> in my printed-out args, but it seems to be working anyway...
Argh, it's not working again... It was working on an install of ms office,
but it won't work on some old windows game.. (winex) and it's still not
setting the last arg (or register properly):

truss output:

linux_mmap2(0x65430000,0x100000,0x3,0x11,0x9,0x6) = 1698889728

notice that the last arg is 0x6, that's the page offset...

what the kernel prints for the same call:

mmap2(0x65430000, 1048576, 3, 0x00000011, 9, 0)

notice that they both have all the same values until you get to the last
one... at which point the value is wrong... Apparently this only causes
problems on some windows programs that one may try to execute, and not on

So, where can I force this to get set?


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