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> : On Wed, Apr 24, 2002 at 05:49:52PM +0200, Christian Flügel wrote:
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> : > But I still get signal 12 exceptions when trying to installworld.
> : > It seems to me that the install process still uses my old kernel and I am
> : > not able to load the new one. Could anybody please tell me how to achieve
> : > this?
> : 
> : You're still actually running your 4.x kernel.  This may be an
> : omission in the documentation for upgrading to 5.0: you need to
> : install the new /boot/defaults/ files so that the boot loader will
> : automatically pick up the changed default location of the 5.0 kernel.
> Are you sure you need to do that by hand?  When I upgraded my laptop I
> didn't need to do that.

Does installkernel do this already?  Otherwise I can't see how the
updated loader.conf gets into /boot/defaults by this point in the


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