On Thu, 25 Apr 2002, John Baldwin wrote:

> On 25-Apr-2002 Julian Elischer wrote:
> kldload sysvipc.ko or compile the SYSV stuff into your kernel.
> Perhaps the linux kld needs to have a module dependency on
> the sysvipc modules?

there is no sysvipc module but this is what I tried..

jules# cd /boot/kernel
jules# ls sy*
sym.ko          syscall_gate.ko sysvmsg.ko      sysvsem.ko      sysvshm.ko
jules# kldload sysvmsg
jules# kldload sysvsem
jules# kldload sysvshm
jules# kldload linux
link_elf: symbol semop undefined
kldload: can't load linux: Exec format error

> > julian
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