If memory serves me right, Ruslan Ermilov wrote:

> It's important to note that you no
> longer need to have a today's world to build a today's release.
> I.e., if you built world a month ago, and didn't touch /usr/src
> since, and /usr/obj has "buildworld" output for this /usr/src,
> and you have booted with this world, it should be okay to start
> building today's release.

I'm not sure I understand this comment.  Why was there a requirement to
have today's /usr/src and /usr/obj before starting a release?

(Most of my release-building experience is with 4-STABLE, but so far it
seems like as long as there haven't been any major API changes or other
shufflings between what's on the machine and the release being built, it
Just Worked (TM).)



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