On Fri, 26 Apr 2002, Shizuka Kudo wrote:

> It seems the latest commit of
> sys/kern/kern_environment to current broke the reading
> of system tunables set by loader.conf. This is true at
> least for hw.cbb.start_mem of my cardbus bridge. With
> this latest commit, the hw.cbb.start_mem sysctl still
> shows the default value after boot up.
> Reverting back to version 1.22 solve my problem. Is
> this unique to me?

The tunable for this sysctl spelled inconsistently as
"hw.cbb.start_memory", so rev.1.23 "fixed" finding it if it is
misspelled in the environment as "hw.cbb.start_mem".  From

        /* There's no way to say TUNEABLE_LONG to get the right types */
        u_long pccbb_start_mem = PCCBB_START_MEM;
        TUNABLE_INT("hw.cbb.start_memory", (int *)&pccbb_start_mem);
        SYSCTL_ULONG(_hw_cbb, OID_AUTO, start_mem, CTLFLAG_RD,
            &pccbb_start_mem, PCCBB_START_MEM,
            "Starting address for memory allocations");

Does changing the spelling in the environment to match the tunable
fix the problem?


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