The response to the perl-script rewriting project has been
very hearteningly _fantastic_!

Here is the list as it stands. The gaps are fairly obvious (and
probably mostly not critical in the short term):

/usr/bin/catman         John Rochester <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> - re
/usr/bin/makewhatis     John Rochester <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> - re
/usr/bin/sockstat       des - re
/usr/bin/whereis        sheldonh - re
/usr/sbin/adduser       Mike Makonnen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> - re
/usr/sbin/kbdmap        Jonathan Belson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> - re
/usr/sbin/pkg_update    paul - del - done
/usr/sbin/pkg_version   Jeremy Lea <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> - re
/usr/sbin/rmuser        Mike Makonnen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> - re
/usr/sbin/spkrtest      Riccardo Torrini <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> - re - ready
/usr/sbin/vidfont       Jonathan Belson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> - re

Key - "re" == to be rewritten
      "del" == to be deleted
      "ready" == work done, just waiting for commit.
      "done" == completed

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