If memory serves me right, Jeremy Lea wrote:

> On Thu, May 09, 2002 at 08:33:22PM +0100, Mark Murray wrote:
> > /usr/sbin/pkg_version       Jeremy Lea <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> - re
> OK, the first revision is attached.  It appears to work for me...  It
> needs some spit and polish, and probably a few more people to test.
> I've not implemented the -d flag since it sort of became unneeded, and
> it's not really the way things are done in the rest of pkg_*.  I've also
> not implemented -c.  There were enough warnings that it wasn't really
> useful, and portupgrade does a much better job... 

Hi Jeremy--

This looks very nice.  I'll let Maxim and other ports gurus comment on 
the coding, and content myself with some high-level comments:

1.  The version comparisons passed all of the regression tests that knu
and I made for the original pkg_version (test-pkg_version.sh).  This
gives me a nice warm fuzzy feeling about that part of the code.

2.  "-c" is still in the usage message, even though it's not in the 
code anymore (yay!).  Might want to take this out.

3.  The AUTHORS section in the manpage isn't marked up quite right.  I'd
recommend something like this:

utility was written by
.An Jeremy D. Lea Aq [EMAIL PROTECTED] ,
partially based on a Perl script written by
.An Bruce A. Mah Aq [EMAIL PROTECTED] .

4.  You commented that you didn't like the way we did "-s" before.  If
you think it'd be better as (say) a regex or a globbing expression, I
don't believe there'd be much problem with going that route.  knu 
used globbing when he wrote portversion, if you want some precedent.

Good job!


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