DOS partition tables use a 24b C/H/S value.  With 512B sectors, this
means they are incapable of representing more than 8G of disk space.

To support a 32b sector offset, you have to go to LBA mode.  This
isn't really supported by any BIOS that still respects the C/H/S
offsets, since they will override.

What probably happened is that you had an overflow that wrapped
you back to the start of the disk.

The general answer on this is: use "dangerously dedicated mode for
very large disks".

It's possible to work around this, but it's really a pain, and you
have to know what you are doing.  Chapter 5 of the PReP specification
has an excellent tutorial on LBA addressing and DOS partition tables
(much better than any Intel related information I have seen to date),
if you want to fix this problem, rather than just ignoring it.

-- Terry

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