Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
> >> Please do not follow Terrys advice, unless and until you have
> >> independent confirmation that his 10 year old knowledge is still
> >> current.
> >
> >Poul: "I will say that advice is bad, but I will not provide advice
> >       of my own, because it might be bad, too, and open me to the
> >       same type of attack I like to make on others.  It's just so
> >       much easier to criticize someone than it is to help solve a
> >       problem and risk being attacked by someone else like me".
> Terry: "I would appreciate if you would ensure that your knowledge
>         is up to date before you mislead people with it."

Poul: "Of course, *my* knowledge is up to date because *I'm* Poul; but
       I'll be damned if I'll share it, because then I can't beat people
       over the head for not having it, and beating people over the head
       is ever so much more fun, isn't it?  Meanwhile, I'm still not
       going to answer the original poster's question...".

-- Terry

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