In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Eric Masson writes:
:  John> Well 2011b is a 32bit card (if I'm not mistaking)
: Nope, it's only a 3,3V 16 bits card.

Hmmmm, I've found that the Intel PRO/Wireless are 5.0V devices.  Maybe
this is a different card than what I'm used to dealing with.

: If you're using -stable, the following is needed :
: > cat /etc/pccard.conf
: # Intel PRO/Wireless 2011B LAN PC Card
: card "Intel" "PRO/Wireless LAN PC Card"
:         config  auto "wi" ? 0x10000
:         insert  /etc/pccard_ether $device start
:         remove  /etc/pccard_ether $device stop
: The 2011 nor the 2011b work on my box (Thinkpad 390) whilst the 2011
: works on a Satellite Pro 430 CDS (no 3,3 V slot for the 2011b).

Looks like i82365A/B do not have 3.3V support at all.  I can't find
the data sheets for them, and the people that do have access tell me
that this is correct.

I'm not sure why your thinkpad isn't working.  Maybe it is an issue
related to the COR reset proceedure that we're not doing anymore.


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