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            Eric Masson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
: >>>>> "Warner" == Warner Losh <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
:  Warner> Hmmmm, I've found that the Intel PRO/Wireless are 5.0V devices.
:  Warner> Maybe this is a different card than what I'm used to dealing
:  Warner> with.
: From the reseller, this is the main difference beetween 2011 & 2011b
: (chipset difference too, but no specs available atm)
:  Warner> Looks like i82365A/B do not have 3.3V support at all. I can't
:  Warner> find the data sheets for them, and the people that do have
:  Warner> access tell me that this is correct.
: Seems to, the 2011b can't physically plug into the slot on the
: Satellite.

That's because it has a low power key on it.  You can file things down
and often get away with running on some older laptops.  However, not
this one.

:  Warner> I'm not sure why your thinkpad isn't working. Maybe it is an
:  Warner> issue related to the COR reset proceedure that we're not doing
:  Warner> anymore.
: Is there anything I can do to confirm/infirm this fact ? (cvs revision
: to extract ?)

Not easily.


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