Martin Blapp wrote:
> Now rm(1) and make(1) coredump with sig 10. So I thought it
> would be a good idea to recompile them with -g -ggdb and
> retry.
> Now the strange part. The coredumps are gone. Ok, I did not
> use -pipe then. I'll will now try to use -pipe and -g and -ggdb
> all together.
> How the fuck this can have a effect on these coredumps ???

The VAX and Windows debuggers are famous for making pointer
errors "disappear" when you compile /debug.  GDB is better at
not doing this, but isn't perfect.  Compiling with and without
debug will yield different code.

-g makes binaries bigger, and prevents some optimizations,
even if you aren't telling the compiler to optimize.

Does a "strip -g"'ed version of the -g compiled binary have the
same problem?

Also, an "objdump -p" comparison of the two might be informative;
there were a number of problems in Alpha-land when the compiler
assumptions changed because of the new binutils.  This might be a
similar problem to the problems there, only with the ELF
loader code.

Without more investigation by you, though, all you are going to
get is educated guesses.

-- Terry

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