Dag-Erling Smorgrav writes:
 > Trying to boot with a newly-built loader (make world earlier today
 > from fresh sources) results in:
 > boot failure
 > no matter which kernel I try to boot.  Booting my new kernel with the
 > old loader (from the DP1 dist) works fine until it tries to start
 > init(8):
 > <guess type="wild">The loader problem is possibly a compiler issue
 > (since DP1 was built with gcc 2.95 while my world was built with 3.1).
 > The init problem is probably a UFS2 f*up; the code has obviously not
 > been tested on a 64-bit architecture (the UFS2 stuff broke the kernel
 > build).</guess>

My 2 cents - the kernel & world (including loader) were fine as of
Friday (both built with gcc3, modulo the atomic fixes for vm_object.c
that jhb / alc / jeff came up with on Saturday).


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