Marc G. Fournier writes:
 > Well, downloaded the files (a .tar.gz would be nice? *grin*) and the
 > client built perfectly, and kldload worked fine ... is there some way
 > someone can suggest of 'simulating a crash'?  Some way to test to make
 > sure that it is working as expected?  I have a 4.6-PRE machine on my desk
 > that I'd like to test with before I try it on "the real thing", if at all
 > possible?

break into ddb & do: 
      ddb > call dumpsys()

Unless you're running a savecore which supports partial dumps, you
need to disable partial dumps (sysctl net.net_dump.partial=0).

And remember, you'll be spewing the contents of your ram (possibly
passwords, etc) across the network in clear text.


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