On Sat, May 18, 2002 at 13:15:43 -0400, Don Bowman wrote:
> > Andrew Gallatin writes:
> >> Kenneth D. Merry writes:
> >>  > 
> >>  > I have released a new set of zero copy sockets patches, against
> -current
> >>  > from today (May 17th, 2002).
> > 
> > Hi Ken,
> > 
> > I'm glad to see that you're still maintining this!
> > 
> > Assuming the mutex issues get sorted out, what do you think the odds
> > are of getting this into the tree?  The only possible issue I see is
> > with the tigon firmware.   Is the firmware you're using of the same
> > vintage as what's in the tree now?  Does it contain all the same
> > fixes?
> As a related question, will this work with the broadcom gigabit (bge)
> driver, which is the Tigon III? If not, what would it take to get
> it working?

Unfortunately, it won't work with the Tigon III.

If you can get firmware source for the Tigon III, I can probably get header
splitting working.  (The only way it wouldn't work is if they've offloaded
most of the packet processing into the hardware.)

The send side code will work on any NIC, and you can kludge up special case
header splitting on the receive side if the NIC allows you to break jumbo
frames into multiple chunks of data.  (This is what Drew originally did for
the Tigon II -- you just size the initial chunk of data so that it'll just
hold the ethernet header, IP header, TCP header and TCP options, and the
payload will "magically" end up page aligned.  This doesn't work for
protocols other than TCP, and it won't work if your TCP header changes in

Kenneth Merry

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