Kenneth D. Merry writes:
 > I have released a new set of zero copy sockets patches, against -current
 > from today (May 17th, 2002).
 > The main change is to deal with the vfs_ioopt changes that Alan Cox made in
 > kern_subr.c.  (They conflicted a bit with the zero copy receive code.)
 > The patches and the FAQ are available here:
 > Comments, questions and reviews are all welcome!

Hi Ken,

I'm glad to see that you're still maintining this!

Assuming the mutex issues get sorted out, what do you think the odds
are of getting this into the tree?  The only possible issue I see is
with the tigon firmware.   Is the firmware you're using of the same
vintage as what's in the tree now?  Does it contain all the same

Thanks again for keeping this alive,


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