Often I hear people complain about one lacking in FreeBSD's make(1), if an
error is encountered in a Makefile, we only get the base of its name: what
is passed to ReadMakefile().  This is confusing for people trying to debug
Makefiles, I am told, and really, there's no reason not to always give the
real path to what is passed to ReadMakefile().

Therefore, I would like to ask for review of the following patch to main.c

There is of course the edge case that Dir_FindFile will be used, and it
will somehow give us something that is not a meaningful path.  This is
not all that likely, but if it is, I have a patch I use locally which
tells Dir_FindFile to *always* use real paths.  This bloats a buildworld
log a tad, oh well, you might find it useful.  I'm mostly concerned about
getting the main.c patch reviewed and committed, but here is a patch for
dir.c as well as main.c

One could easily argue though that the dir.c patch will represent an
overhead increase withotu a real gain.

Because I'm not sure of that, and because what sparked me digging out
these patches from my local make(1) is the FreeBSD user community, I'm
asking for thoughts, opinions, review, and flames from you guys, the
FreeBSD -CURRENT users.  If there's anyone who can blow a whole through
this idea, or endorse it enough to make me commit it, it's you guys.

Here's a small example of what this results in, with "foo/Makefile" being

Without these patches:
ref5% make
===> foo
"Makefile", line 1: Need an operator
make: fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue
*** Error code 1

Stop in /d/home/jmallett.

You can see how one might be confused as to which Makefile that refers.

With these patches:
ref5% ~/jmake
===> foo
"/d/home/jmallett/foo/Makefile", line 1: Need an operator
jmake: fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue
*** Error code 1

Stop in /d/home/jmallett.

Much clearer.

Thanks in advance.
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