Bernd Walter wrote:
> Why do people think that a realpath is always available?

Because it would be really convenient if we could program without
having to remember on line 17 what we did on line 3, because we
have really, really short attention spans.

While we are at it, wouldn't it be nice if all locks just
disappeared when we closed files, and all open files and
memory allocations went away when our programs exitted?


> What is wrong with just extending using pwd?
> And maybe optionally stripping .. and . elements if wanted.
> At least pwd doesn't break amd(8) pathnames.
> It became nearly impossible to use amd(8) today just because of all that
> realpath introduced breakage.

That's annoying.

I guess it's because people would really like it to work, even though
hard links make it completely impossible, unless you change a number
of things in the kernel in some pretty serious ways.  8-(.

-- Terry

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