Hello everybody,

The newly integrated documents under src/share/doc/psd and usd break the
world because they are not really incorporated into the build system.
The Makefiles define their own targets, but this way the source files
are not found during "make world" because the build does not cd into the
appropriate src directory. As it seems, the docs build just fine if the
existing infrastructure in bsd.doc.mk is used.

At present, this means in the psd:

01.cacm, 02.implement, 03.iosys, 04.uprog, 06.Clang, 15.yacc, 16.lex,

in the usd:


What needs to be done is really just that the existing infrastructure of
bsd.doc.mk should be used and the custom targets be deleted. For 17.m4, the
problem is more serious, the sU macro does not seem to exist in the
FreeBSD base system just for now, so should be imported first.

Just an FYI.


Szilveszter ADAM
Szombathely Hungary

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