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Marcel Moolenaar  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I sometimes cannot get passed SRA secure login, even though credentials
> are given correctly:
> Connected to
> Escape character is '^]'.
> Trying SRA secure login:
> User (marcel): 
> Password: 
> [ SRA login failed ]
>       :
>       (repeat last 3 lines -- Ad nauseam)
> The problem is not a faulty password or username, but appears to be
> something that behaves much the same as uninitialized variables.
> Most of the time SRA secure login works ok, but it does occasionally
> reject the login. It is not possible to login at all when SRA rejects
> a login. It's a permanent state and the only way around it is to
> ^C and re-telnet, which BTW occasionally fails as well...
> I haven't seen anything on this topic, so I'd like to hear if
> others are experiencing this as well and if this is a security
> "feature", a bug or misconfiguration.

Yes, I see this sometimes too, even in -stable.  I agree with your
conjecture -- it acts like there's an uninitialized variable that
sometimes starts out with an unworkable value.

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