The mpath diff is against 4.3 stable on given date.
I was not even able to patch 4.3 release.
OSPF and BGP does not came into play here yet,
because to assign the same/different costs to different routes to the
same destination I need to have routing table with 2 (or more) routes
to the same destination. The current kernel does not allow this.
Could you specify how you got this:
> I have two default routes.  One is IP address "A".  The other is
> IP address "B".
(The other issues as to what gw route specific packet are not
Thank you,

--- "Vladimir B. Grebenschikov" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> χ Tue, 21.05.2002, Χ 09:37, Terry Lambert ΞΑΠΙΣΑΜ:
> > Oleg Chebotarev wrote:
> > > Does anyone know when FreeBSD will
> > > support multiple default routes
> > > or multiple routes to the same network thru different interfaces?
> > 
> > I have two default routes.  One is IP address "A".  The other is
> > IP address "B".
> > 
> > To which IP address do I forward a random packet?
> There are some algoritms, for example round-robin
> It is not a problem if you assign two equal routes you know what you
> want.
> If you have two links to one provider and want to balance outgoing
> traffic it is much better to do it with to similar routes.
> > Shouldn't you just use BGP instead?  That's what it was designed
> > to support.
> OSPF have equal cost multupath, An BGP too (If I not mistaken)
> so lack of kernel support of more then one route for one destination 
> is not good.
> Zebra on Linux can do OSPF equal cost multipath but on FreeBSD cant.
> Times ago there was hack for multipath routing on:
> but it seems this page now removed.
> :(
> > -- Terry
> -- 
> Vladimir B. Grebenschikov

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