"Vladimir B. Grebenschikov" wrote:
> χ Wed, 22.05.2002, Χ 23:21, Mattias Pantzare ΞΑΠΙΣΑΜ:
> > Terry, FreeBSD has no support for BGP. To get BGP support you install a
> > router daemon. That inserts routes in the routing table in the kernel. The
> > kernel will do all packet forwarding. The kernel has to support two or
> > more routes to the same destination if you are going to do BGP (or OSPF)
> > equal cost multipath.
> >
> > I am sorry but ther is no way around it, if you have two links of equal
> > cost and want to use both, you have to have support for that in the
> > kernel.
> >
> > There are situations where this is needed, and you do get good performance
> > from it if you have many flows. One flow should always take the same
> > path.
> Yes! Thank you Mattias, it seems my english too bad to Terry understand
> me. Exactly this I want to say to Terry.

So there *is* a BGP deficiency -- FreeBSD can't implement something
BGP knows about.

I like the patches as they are.

It is the job of FreeBSD to provide capability, not policy.

The BGP code gets to dictate the policy when it decides how to
use the capability.

So I *still* think the patches should go in.

-- Terry

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