On Tue, May 21, 2002 at 06:02:17PM +0000, Glenn G. wrote:
> In general 'X11' is really not that stable in -current (and has been
> for a while) 

Not only in current, the same crashes happened to me also in -stable 
(q3ademo), and there I haven't loaded DRI, here I have (although the log, 
I've sent says something different :) ) and the same happens...

>               I run an older version of KDE (2.1 I think) some programs
> using newer X11 features seem to crash at somewhat random times....I am
> not sure why ...


P.S.: In -stable I had linux.ko laded into kernel during boot, in -current
I have options COMPAT_LINUX and options DRM_LINUX compiled into kernel.

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