I had a vinum mirrored volume usr
with two plexes usr.p0 and usr.p1, with respective 
subdisks usr.p0.s0 and usr.p1.s0.

So recently one of the disks crashed. I tried to replace the disk with
another one (which later appeared to be somewhat smaller) and run
 vinum create  for a new disk. Because of the small size of the new disk 
vinum create exited with error, and after that usr.p1.s0
dissapeared from the vinum configuration.

so now I have 
usr.p0 -> 1 subdisk (usr.p0.s0)
usr.p1 -> 0 subdisk

Volume usr shows status UP, but trying to run fsck on it produces a
kernel panic.

Any suggestions how should I proceed to avoid panic and mount the volume?

I have no possibility to get new large disk now.
Should I try to remove plex usr.p1 ?
The system is 4.5-STABLE

Yuri Khotyaintsev 

Swedish Institute of Space Physics,                                       
Uppsala Division, Box 537, S-75121  Uppsala

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