> I have no possibility to get new large disk now.
> Should I try to remove plex usr.p1 ?

Sounds like it's related to a problem I encountered with vinum
some time ago. For me, vinum would bail out in panic if I tried
to access an area of a volume that was not initialized on the
mirrored plex. This was only a problem before the mirrored plex
was fully initialized the first time though (which tends to be
a slow process on big disks). So basically, if the plex had no
mapped physical counterpart, it would under certain situations
cause a panic if you attempted to use these areas on the plex.
(I know it's area based, because when I tried to newfs the
volume, the panic occured proportional to the initialization

If this is the reason, it's not a lot of other things to do than
get a disk big enough to hold the complete plex, or remove the
plex (I haven't tried if removing the plex works, so that's just
a guess).

- Anders Nor Berle

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