Chris Hedley <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> On Fri, 24 May 2002, Igor Roboul wrote:
> > Maybe I'm wrong, but I think that sscanf on -CURRENT does not work as
> > expected.
> Interestingly I had some aggro with both scanf and strtod returning
> somewhat random results recently (about 5th/6th May); I'm afraid I no
> longer have the results or test programs but I ended up having to hack my
> own routine together to get a reliable input.  What I seem to recall is
> that scanf didn't return the correct result at all, whereas strtod was
> okay for the first couple of invocations within the same program, after
> which it began to return garbage (I'm pretty confident that my program
> didn't have a buffer overrun, it was a fairly short & simple effort)

Would it be possible for you to reproduce the source to a small
program that demonstrates the problem?

Best regards,
Mike Barcroft

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