Julian Elischer wrote:
> On Thu, 30 May 2002, Jake Burkholder wrote:
> > It is much more difficult to ensure that all the register values
> > end up the same on each return from the system call on sparc64, due
> > to the way that register stack works.  The current test program
> > will not work at all, because setjmp, longjmp cannot be used to
> > switch the stack in the same way.
> The library will not be using setjmp and longjmp in this way but 
> instead the setcontext() call that dan wrote for the current thread
> library. If that works it should be enough.
> (I'd like to investigate your comments though... can you explain
> more about why it's a problem? It sure simplifies things on most
> architectures I've done this on..

setjmp/longjmp cannot be used to switch stacks on ia64 either, for what
it's worth.  This is why libc_r is disabled for ia64 (and I presume

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