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Bruce Evans  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Tue, 4 Jun 2002, walt wrote:
> > It correctly identifies files to be updated, asks me what
> > I want to do, as usual, and when I hit 'i' for install it
> > proceeds without error messages but then it tells me at
> > the end that all the files I told it to install remain
> > for me to merge by hand.
> Read the messages more closely and you should see one about
> perl not being installed.

The trouble is, those messages vanish in about 1 millisecond when the
pager fires up and displays the next set of diffs.  The messages are
effectively invisible on my system, and I only found them by running
mergemaster under "script".  Of course, Bruce, I have no doubt that
you can see them on your Teletype Model 37. ;-)

If mergemaster depends on perl and perl is not installed, it should be
a fatal error which terminates mergemaster immediately.  It doesn't
make any sense to proceed if the merged files cannot be installed.

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