Stanislav Grozev wrote:
> actually that is a problem with the autoconf version used by postgresql.
> the new gcc 3.1 gives out a warning if one of the system include directories
> is also given as a -I argument (in this case -I/usr/include).
> the autoconf, when compiling the test program, mistakenly interprets
> this warning as an error, and decides that the feature is not present,
> thus giving that openssl/ssl.h is not present, and in fact it is.
> one messy and temporary solution is to compile with
> make CFLAGS=-Wp,-w CXXFLAGS=-Wp,-w
> which tells gcc to pass -w to the preprocessor, and -w means inhibit
> all warnings. with this, postgresql compiles and works fine.
> for 'correct' solution - the configure script for postgresql must be
> regenerated from, using the newer autoconf, but I am not
> sure whether that would be successfull, as there were (AFAIK), some
> incompatibilities between the two - but i may be wrong.
> anyway, HTH

That's ugly.

Since it's jamming in includes anyway:

              By using both `-nostdinc' and `-I-', you can  limit
              the include-file search file to only those directo-
              ries you specify explicitly.

e.g.: you should be able to get it to work with warnings fully
enabled, and explicit use of system include paths in the Makefile.

This might be a more permanent fix...

-- Terry

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