David O'Brien wrote:
> *sigh*, why not a *real* fix?

Feel free to submit this to the Postgres project... they may
even incorporate it.

> You'll note that they bother with this kind of check for other headers,
> but for some reason didn't consider it for openssl headers.

Mostly the reason that this fix was not being bandied about
is that the Postgres source code is largely under third party
control.  If the change can be made to the Makefile, etc.,
which is under direct control of FreeBSD, then the code will
compile unmodified.  That means if there are future changes,
we won't end up with a local patch to third party code, which
doesn't apply cleanly.

Locally maintaining patches against large projects is a very
big headache; in fact, this headache is one of the primary
things people rely upon in order to ensure that people donate
tactical fixes back to the FreeBSD project itself.

-- Terry

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