On 10-Jun-2002 Mike Makonnen wrote:
>> Well, the real solution probably involves changing where we dink with
>> uidinfo structs so we bump the reference count on teh new one before
> we> grab the proc lock, change over to the new one while holding the
> proc lock,> then release the reference to the old one after we are done.
> Well... this is basically what happens
> setuid - creates a new ucred
>         - locks p
>         - calls change_ruid()
>     change_ruid - calls uifind()
>          uifind - does MALLOC w/ M_WAITOK
> After thinking about it for a while, this is the solution I came up
> with:
> Each new struct ucred will carry an array of pointers to struct uidinfo.
> This will be an array of 3 elements (a spare for cr_ruidinfo,
> cr_uidinfo, null). Obviously, it gets added after ->cr_endcopy. 
> When crget() is called it calls a function whose job it is to create an
> array of pointers to struct uidinfo and allocate the memory for them.
> When uifind() is called it will be given an array of pointers to uidinfo
> structs (the ones from ucred), in addition to the uid it is to lookup. 
> If it already has a uidinfo for that uid, then it returns that to the
> calling function. If it can't find the uid, then it unhooks (copies the
> address, and deletes it   from the array) the last struct uidinfo from
> the array, initializes it, inserts it into the hashtable and returns it
> to the caller.
> When crfree is called it calls a function that deallocates the spare
> structs uidinfo.
> This solution has the advantage that the only code that has to change is
> the ucred and setuid/gid helper functions that already know about the
> struct uidinfo functions. In fact only three functions not related to
> uidinfo(9) need to be touched: proc0_init(), change_ruid(),
> change_uid(). The disadvantage is the memory bloat and a small amount of
> code complexity (but as I said, this is localized, and not very complex
> either).
> Do you like it? 
> Should I go ahead and implement a patch? 
> Anything I overlooked?

It won't work if you have to change a uidinfo more than once.  I still prefer
just doing the uifind() at the beginning of the function, passing in the
uidinfo pointer to the chnage_fooid() functions, and adding cleanup uifree's
in case of failure.


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