Solaris has something similar in /usr/proc/bin/ptree. One of the things 
it lets you do is specify _which_ user to use.

Isn't the kvm_*() interface somewhat frowned upon? Is there anything 
missing from /proc that you need kvm_* for?


Juli Mallett wrote:
> Hej,
> As some of you may have noticed, I've done some poking of ps(1) lately, and
> this has brought attention of people who have ideas for things that they
> would like to see done to ps(1) :)  The most notable request was for a
> feature I've missed having in our ps(1) for a while, the ability to get a 
> tree of processes printed so you can tell who is whose child, etc. 
> ps(1)'s internals, however, didn't seem quite right to me, but after about
> 10 minutes reading kvm(3) manpages and recalling some tricks with recursive
> programming to produce an N-level tree with as many as N-1 elements, I had
> come up with a simple utility to print out a "process tree".
> You can find the code here:
> And some example output from a cluster machine here:
> Lots of people have given feedback that they don't care much for the \_
> formatting of the tree, and I'm willing to look at patches that provide
> noticably more readable output.
> I'd actually like to hear what information otherwise could better be
> included along with associated login, pid, cpu, etc.
> And I'd really like to hear thoughts about inclusion of this into the tree.
> Does anyone hold the opinion that it absolutely cannot be included?  Does
> anyone have any suggestions to make the code better?
> I'm asking you guys, the CURRENT userbase, since you are users who obviously
> seem to take more of an interest in FreeBSD's future, etc. :)
> Thanks,
> juli.

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